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How to Install Canon Printer Drivers

Use of Canon printers has been increasing tremendously all across the world for their multi-functionality features. For Canon printers, a printer driver is required to connect the device and your computer. All Canon printers are provided with its installation CD which makes the Canon printer installation process fast and easy. But, at times, even if the printer driver is installed, you come across situations, where you need to uninstall and reinstall a printer driver. And if by chance if you have lost your CD drive, then it becomes difficult to Install Canon Printer Drivers.

Situations that require installing printer drivers are as follows:

  • When you try to fix problems of Canon printer
  • When you are facing problem installing your Canon printer
  • Your printer was not automatically installed
  • You are receiving a printing error code messages etc.

Steps to Install Canon Printer Drivers

The following steps are general steps that you can try to Install Canon Printer Drivers on your Canon printer:

Download the latest driver from your Canon printer’s official website and install it as per instructions given

  • Go to Canon website
  • Select or type your Canon printer make and model in the Search field
  • Select your operating system
  • Click on Next
  • Your desire product, driver and software will be displayed on the screen
  • Select your desired Canon printer
  • Select the latest driver
  • Read the download instructions
  • Download the driver
  • Save the software
  • Now you need to run the file
  • Follow on screen instructions to run the file
  • Keep on clicking NEXT and at the end Click Finish
  • Your printer driver is installed automatically
  • Now go to Control Panel
  • Go to Devices and Printer
  • Click on Add a Printer
  • A pop-up Window appear
  • Click on your Canon Printer Name from the list of printer names
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Finish
  • A printer setup wizard appears
  • Either use USB cable (Local printer) or Wireless / Network to install your printer
  • Choose your appropriate driver for this particular printer.
  • You get your Canon printer driver successfully installed
  • Now try to print a test page

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How to Fix Canon Printer Offline Error

Canon printers are one of the most widely used printers in most of the offices across the globe. Whether in office or at home, when we need to print an important document, it is always better to use Canon printers as these are one of the most reliable printers. But, that does not mean that you won’t face any technical glitches while using Canon printers. You give the Print command and wait for the printed document but nothing appears and you get the message “Printer is offline”. Isn’t this frustrating? What do you do? Let’s find out below:

Causes of the Canon Printer Offline Error

  • The most common cause of this Canon Printer Offline Error is when your system cannot communicate with the Canon printer.
  • Another possible cause is that your Canon printer’s power cable may not be properly plugged
  • Loose USB-cable connection
  • Loose wireless LAN connection
  • Canon printer is not the default printer
  • Printer driver or software problem

Steps to Resolve Canon Printer Offline Error

Method 1

  • Check for loose LAN connection. The computer and wireless router might have lost connection. For this you have to restart the computer.
  • It may also be that the printer and the router may not be communicating. In this case, turn off the printer, remove the power cable, reinstall the power cable, wait for some time and then turn on the printer to restore communication.

Method 2

Another possible cause of the error may be when the USB and cable are not properly connected. Check the connecting points, plug the cable tight, turn off the printer and then again turn on the printer.

Method 3

Check if your Canon printer’s offline feature is enabled on the Control Panel by clicking on “Devices and Printers” and checking on the offline feature in “Printers”. Disable “Use Printer Offline” or select “Use Printer Online” to make it online.

Method 4

Cancel all print jobs or Cancel all documents in print queue. One reason for Canon Printer error code can be when a print job gets stuck in middle of the printing process. So follow Method 3 to set the printer back online and try printing a new page.

Method 5

Sometimes you will have to reinstall the printer drivers. Download the latest driver from the Canon’s official website and follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall it.

Method 6

Another solution is to uninstall and the reinstall your Canon printer software.

Method 7

You also can check whether your Canon Printer is set as your default printer or not.

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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 005

Canon Printers are the world’s one of the best known printers used in offices, businesses and homes. With multipurpose features like as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, Canon printers are highly reliable devices. However, like any other machines, these printers also suffer from their usual technical glitches. Some of the problems are hardware related, some are technical related and some are internal error codes. One common error code that most users face while using the Canon Printers is the error 005. Let us find out below the cause of the problem and how to resolve it.

Causes of Canon Printer Error Code 005

The error code 005 appears when you reset your Canon printer. The possible causes for this error are as follows:

  1. The recipient at the other end did not answer the fax within 35 seconds
  2. The recipient is not responding
  3. The recipient machine is not a G3 fax
  4. You have not installed the Canon printer properly.
  5. You have not installed the printer drive correctly.
  6. There is some problem with the printer cable connector
  7. Your Canon printer is not compatibility with your system

How to resolve Canon Printer Error Code 005?

You can try resolving the error code 005 on your own. Incase, if the problem still persists, get professional help.

Depending on the causes mentioned above, please find below instructions to resolve the issue.

Method 1

For cause 1, make sure that you are dialing the correct fax number. Also, check for any access codes that might be needed for your phone system.

Method 2

For cause 2, make sure that the recipient’s machine at the other end is able to communicate. Only then you send your fax again.

Method 3

Call the other party to find out whether their fax/printing machine is G3 fax or not.

If these methods do not work out, try the following basic methods:

  • Uninstall and reinstall the printer software.
  • Check the cable connector. If it is damaged get a new one.
  • Also, check the connector plug and clean it.
  • Properly mount the cable connector on the wall outlet and connect it tight with the system and the printer.
  • Check the requirements of the system and make it compatible with the Canon printer.

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Paper Jam on a Canon Inkjet Printer

Any printer, irrespective of brand, quality and price, face a basic problem. It means paper jamming and Canon Inkjet printers are no less behind. Inspite of being a reputed brand, the Japanese origin Canon printers have their occasional technical issues and the most common one is Paper Jam. We provide you below the cause of this issue and a basic guideline on how to resolve the issue.

Causes of Canon Inkjet Printer Paper Jam

One of the most common problems faced by users while using printers, including Canon inkjet printers is paper jam. There are many factors that can lead to paper jam, such as follows:

  • The paper tray is over filled with papers
  • If the cartridge slider is not positioned properly, there can be paper jam
  • When you use different kinds of papers other than the standard office paper, you might face the problem of paper jam
  • Papers folded, labeled or of irregular dimensions also cause paper jam
  • Mixing different paper sizes in a single print command
  • When the printer papers are not correctly positioned into the slot or tray
  • Left over torn paper pieces or debris of the previous jam can also cause paper jam

Steps to Clear Canon Inkjet Printer Paper Jam

Follow these instructions to clear the problem of paper jam on a Canon Inkjet Printer:

Method 1

  • Cancel or stop the printing job
  • Turn off the printer
  • Disconnect the power cord from the printer
  • Once done, you need to check the back and the front access panel of the printer

Back panel

  • Open the back panel of the Canon
  • Check through the back access panel of the printer. If you see any papers in between, just remove them.
  • Close it properly

Front panel

  • Now check the front access panel of your printer
  • Open this access panel and check for paper jam in this area
  • Remove any jammed paper you find here
  • You will be resisted from the paper feeder once you try to pull the paper
  • Pull slowly the paper with both hands to avoid tearing
  • Now close the front panel
  • Plug the power cord of the printer into the wall outlet
  • Turn on the Printer
  • Give the print command again
  • If the problem still exists, move on to the second method

Method 2

If the printer faces the paper jam problem even after following the above steps, then it means that a piece of paper may remain inside the machine. You need to check whether there is any piece of paper remaining under the FINE cartridge holder.

Method 3

Check the paper sizes on the paper tray. Make sure the papers are of the same sizes and of the same type as recommended to be used in the printer. Also make sure that your paper tray is not overloaded with papers.

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No Paper Jam Error Messages on the Dell Printer

Dell printers are usually sturdy printing devices. But due to certain internal technical errors, or external environment based reasons or due to the general wearing off the printer parts, it can end up with printer errors.

You are not required to run to a professional help every time you face a Dell Printer error. In this article we have made sure to empower you with some easy DIY troubleshooting way for- ‘No-Paper Jam Error Messages on the Dell Printer.’ So let us get started!

Reasons behind ‘Dell Printer No Paper Jam Error Messages’:

Let us first look at the reasons that cause these errors. By understanding the reasons you will understand the root cause and therefore will be able to protect your printer from future errors. So here are a few reasons:

  • Faulty connection between fuser and the printer can create errors in your printer.
  • If you are using fake ink cartridges, you may end up with printer errors.
  • By not using the latest printer driver you run a risk of ending up with errors.
  • Poor USB connections between router, computer and your Dell Printer can create errors.
  • If you are using an old version of the firmware on your printer, you can end up with printer errors.

The list of reasons can go on and on. Instead we should now focus on looking at the ways that resolve most of the common ‘Dell Printer No Paper Jam Error Messages’

Let us fix Dell Printer No Paper Jam Error Messages:

In this section we will discuss some common troubleshooting ways that will help you keep your printer error free from ‘Dell Printer No Paper Jam Error Messages.’ Please make sure you follow the steps in the right order:

Quick Fix:

The first solution to most of the errors is to power cycle your printer. Power cycling helps your printer to establish any new changes that you have made to it. Also it helps in general cooling off of the internal parts of the printer when over used. So let us look at the way with which you can perform a power cycle:

  • Switch off your printer.
  • Remove all the USB cables from the printer.
  • Disconnect the printer from the computer too.
  • Long press the power button of the printer to release any remaining power current in the machine.
  • Now you need to give your printer a little while of rest. This will help your printer to cool down.
  • Reconnect the USB cables and any other cords.

Note: Connect the power cord straight into the wall outlet and not in any power surge.

  • Please press the power button of the printer to switch it on.
  • Wait for a while to allow a proper initialization of the internal functions of the printer, before you start to use it.

Common tips to resolve Dell Printer No Paper Jam Error Messages:

Here’s a mixed bag of tips that you should keep in mind to steer clear of the Dell printer errors:

  • Always use the latest printer drivers. You can easily find them in the ‘Support’ section of Dell website..
  • Always use latest firmware for your printer.
  • Don’t use fake ink cartridges.
  • Ensure proper connectivity of the printer, computer and internet source to avoid many common errors.

The Scope of Service:

We hope this article gave you a good insight on resolving ‘Dell Printer No Paper Jam Error Messages.’ For further support you can contact us 24/7 at: