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HP Printer Error 49

HP Printer Error 49

While taking a print out of a document from your HP printer, you may come across several errors.

One of the most common of all errors that you come across is the HP printer error 49. This Service Error 49 does not allow your printer to have you the hard copy of the document instantly. There are scenarios where this error gets resolved by itself after a few minute or hour but then it seems like hell when you are in urgent need of a print out.


The HP printer error 49 is caused when the product undergoes an internal embedded software error. As already stated, the printer may restart automatically in many cases. This error is basically a firmware error that is either caused by the firmware itself or due to the failure of a printer module. See if the error occurs while performing a specific job. Maybe some bad information is being sent to the printer.

Try These First

It is recommended that you do not opt for instant technical assistance when the issue arises. There are a few things to consider before you choose taking expert advice on resolving the HP printer error 49. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Turn off the power of the printer. Wait for at least 30 seconds. Turn on the power. Let the printer initialize properly.
  2. Switch off your printer. Remove any installed EIO devices like Hard Drives, etc. switch on and see if it works.
  3. Cold Reset the device i.e. your printer
  4. Power off your printer. Remove optional memories. Turn on the printer and test.
  5. Power off and reset any memory and firmware module present on the formatter board. Switch on and test.
  6. Run the latest version of firmware. This may resolve the issue.

Fixing HP Printer Error 49

When it comes to fixing the service error 49 of the HP printer, the following steps can be considered.

Step 1: Take it as a temporary error

  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it from the network/computer
  2. Clear all pending jobs of printing in the queue
  3. Reboot the printer
  4. Reconnect the network/computer cable
  5. Test it again

Step 2: Mismatched or Corrupt Driver

If the printer error occurs while performing a specific job, there’s a possibility of the drivers being mismatch or corrupt. To resolve the issue in such a scenario, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Download the required printer driver. It is recommended to go for PCL 5 drivers and PostScript Drivers.
  2. Replace the old one with the new one
  3. A right driver will resolve the problem

Step 3: Network Card is at fault

In case of HP, the JetDirect network card should be tested. To do so, you can:

  1. Connect the network card to the printer using an alternate connection like USB
  2. See if the job is now being performed well
  3. If yes, replace the network card

Step 4: A damaged or failing accessory or memory chip

The accessories like optional hard drives, memory chips, and etc. if fail to function; it may lead to the service error 49. In such a scenario, you need to:

  1. Try to remove those accessories
  2. Reboot the device with different accessory or memory chip
  3. Test

Step 5: A failing formatter

A formatter assembly is the circuit board that controls the logic and deals with the data from the computer. It is that component of the printing process that issue sprint commands to devices. If this is the issue, contacting the HP tech support helpdesk can help.

Scope of Services

  • Our HP technical support team for resolutions helps you in getting all your technical issues resolved at the earliest.
  • You only need to make your problem clear to our representatives. Once they know the problem, they will provide you the instructions to resolve the same.
  • You can connect with us via email, live chat or through the multiple telephone lines that we offer to customers and clients.
  • Feel free to call us on +1 (800) 828 6304 to know more.
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HP Printer Error 0xc18a0206

When it comes to printing documents, HP printers are one of the most trusted devices. A majority of organizations have HP printers installed in their premises for printing functions.

Of course, the brand is quite reliable but there are scenarios where sudden errors restrict the printing process. Well, there many error codes that have been recorded when it comes to HP printer errors, one of them being the HP printer error 0XC18A0206.


The HP printer error 0XC18A0206 arises due to Ink System Failure in your printer model.

Recommended Actions

Some users directly jump to advanced technical solutions to get rid of the error. However, there are some steps to be tried before considering the advanced solutions. Such steps are mentioned below:

  1. Perform a hard reset on the printer
  2. Ensure printer is connected directly to the wall outlet and through a surge protector
  3. Remove all the ink cartridges and then perform hard reset on the printer
  4. Disconnect the power cord from the rear part of the printer while the printer is turned on
  5. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet
  6. Remove USB cable, if any
  7. Wait for 2-3 minutes
  8. Press the power button on the printer and hold it for 30 seconds. This will remove additional charge
  9. Plug the power cable straight to the wall outlet
  10. Plug the power cord to the printer
  11. Turn on the printer
  12. Insert the ink cartridges
  13. Try test printing to check if it works properly

Fixing HP Printer Error 0XC18A0206

There are two options that you can opt for when it comes getting rid of the HP Printer Error 0XC18A0206.

Solution 1

  1. Press * and # together
  2. Press 1, 2, and 3. The support R0632M gets displayed
  3. Press > to get information menu display
  4. Press > to get configuration menu display
  5. Click OK to get hardware failure status display
  6. Click OK to get failure status: clear
  7. Click OK to clear
  8. Press Cancel
  9. Press Cancel
  10. Press Cancel
  11. Now turn off the printer, unplug power cord for two minutes
  12. Plug it again and turn on the printer

Solution 2

  1. Disconnect the USB cable
  2. Make sure the printer is on
  3. Remove the cartridges
  4. Wait for the Insert Cartridges message to display on the Control Panel
  5. Disconnect the power cord from the backside of the device
  6. Wait for 60 seconds
  7. Reconnect the power cord, If the product is not turned on automatically, press the ON button
  8. Reinsert the cartridges
  9. Close the open doors on the product, if any
  10. Reconnect the USB cable
  11. Try printing

Scope of Services

  • We make sure we stand by your side in even the worst technical issues that you may face.
  • We have opened multiple telephone lines that connect you to the people at our tech support helpdesk.
  • Our HP technical support team for resolutions consists of skilled employees who resolve your issues as soon as you reveal your technical issues to them.
  • You can connect with our representatives via our live chat interface or through emails

You can call us on 1 (800) 828 6304 and discuss your problems at any hour of the day.